Sustainable Seafood

for a Fish-Full Future

Wild Selections®

A premium line of seafood that is not only certified sustainable, but also gives back, by supporting WWF's marine conservation efforts. Together, we can help ensure the abundance of the seafood we love for generations to come.


You Can Help Raise 1 Million Dollars for the World's Oceans.

13 cents from the sale of each can goes directly to support World Wildlife Fund.*

One team. One cause. Conservation.

Joining Forces with WWF

Unsustainable fishing practices are putting the long-term vitality of the seafood we love in jeopardy. That's why we've joined forces with World Wildlife Fund to support their marine conservation effortsincluding protecting endangered sea life and expanding fisheries improvement programs.


Feeding the World, Today and Tomorrow.

The Certified Sustainable Difference

Some brands claim to be sustainable, but how can you be certain? We make it easy. Each can of Wild Selections® proudly displays the blue ecolabel of the Marine Stewardship Council, the world's leading sustainability certification program for wild-caught seafood**


The Importance of Sustainable Fishing – Our Infographic

Overfishing is an issue that places the long-term vitality of the seafood we love on the line. How can we help protect the future of marine life and fish stocks for generations to come, ensuring a "fish-full" future for us all?

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Every can of Wild Selections® is MSC certified sustainable, and delicious. Try it today!


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