Celebrate World Fisheries Day by Committing to Sustainable Seafood

World Fisheries Day

Celebrate World Fisheries Day by Committing to Sustainable Seafood

World Fisheries Day is celebrated on Monday, November 21 to emphasize the importance of our oceans’ many wild fisheries—and the need to protect them. A wild fishery is defined a natural salt or fresh water area with an associated fish or aquatic population that is caught for its commercial value.

According to a recent study, almost half of the world’s fisheries are at their sustainable limit and 25% are seriously depleted and will continue to decline. Today, fisheries are more important than ever. In fact, seafood is the primary source of protein for 41% of the world’s population—that’s two out of every five people. But as world population grows, demand for seafood will also increase and overfishing to keep up with rising demand can diminish wild fish populations to the point where fisheries may not be able to replenish themselves.  Conservation is the answer.  Carefully managed fisheries can not only sustain populations, but grow them and even sustainably increase the amount of fish that can be sustainably harvested.

Communities around the world celebrate World Fisheries Day with workshops, cultural events, concerts, lectures, and art exhibits. They celebrate the importance of healthy waters—whether ocean, lake, or stream. Healthier waters mean healthier seafood.

Wild Selections is taking an active role in supporting sustainable fisheries. The seafood in every can of Wild Selections comes from a Marine Stewardship Certified (MSC) certified fishery. (Every can sports the blue MSC label so you can be sure.) Our seafood is caught within sustainable limits to avoid overfishing and sustainable fishing methods are used.

Our efforts are paying off. MSC-certified fisheries are producing real results—on average they have increased the abundance of fish stocks 46% over ten years, compared with only 9% for uncertified fisheries.

Using the code printed on your Wild Selections can, you can trace which fishery your product came from.

Here’s to a healthy World Fisheries Day!

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