Sustainable Seafood for the Thanksgiving Table

sustainable seafood

Sustainable Seafood for the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful for everything we have obtained in our life. As always, the Wild Selections team is thankful for the resources our beautiful Earth provides us, and the individuals who are dedicated to protecting it. Making your Thanksgiving meal the sustainable way can easily become a part of your family’s tradition. Look for brands that are certified sustainable when shopping at your grocery store. We proudly display the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Blue Fish Certification on all our products to show they are sustainably sourced. Need ideas on how to incorporate sustainably sourced seafood into your Thanksgiving? We put together a few of our favorite wild-caught seafood recipes for you to try below.


Wild- Caught Appetizers


Tuna Melt Crescent Ring

This crescent ring is packed with delicious, not-so-traditional ingredients that are sure to make it a crowd pleaser. Each piece is filled with simple ingredients and yummy melted cheese. The basil, capers, and garlic bring emphasis on flavor.


Tuna Stuffed Artichoke

Switching up a classic dish makes it your own! This Tuna Stuffed Artichoke delivers on taste and presentation. Incorporating sustainably-sourced tuna into this recipe adds a bit of a surprise for your dinner guests, and also adds an extra protein option.


Sustainable Side Dishes


Wild Tuna Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

If you want to spice up the typical sweet potato casserole, this is the dish for you. Plus, giving special attention to your side dishes is what really takes a Thanksgiving feast to the next level. These Wild Tuna Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are the ultimate sweet and savory dish and are perfect for all ages.


Spiced Albacore Potato Puffs

This recipe gets a 10-out-of-10 on flavor and creativity. Sustainably-caught solid white albacore is accompanied by a medley of spices, potatoes, and puff pastry for a special bite of Indian-inspired flavors.


Special Diet Friendly Main Dishes


Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Tuna Casserole

This recipe accommodates even the pickiest of eaters. Whether it’s dietary restrictions or an allergy, this tuna casserole recipe takes a twist on a classic that anyone can enjoy.


Swiss Chard and Sardine Gratin

A French-inspired recipe will elevate your entire feast. Crunchy breadcrumbs and Gruyere cheese make this the star of the show. Decrease the ingredient proportions to keep it in the rotation as a side dish. Optional- make this a Keto dish by swapping out flour for a low-carb option such as almond flour and remove the breadcrumbs. Bon appetit!


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