The People Behind Sustainable Fishing

sustainable fishing

The People Behind Sustainable Fishing

Sustainable fishing is important for today’s world citizens and the ecosystems they rely on. It’s also extremely important to allow for proper preservation of resources in order to sustain the Earth’s growing population. That’s why we are proud partners with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an independent non-profit organization that promotes and regulates sustainable fishing practices. The MSC is celebrating its 20th anniversary this March. In light of such a distinguishable accomplishment, we’re taking a look at some of the people behind sustainable MSC certified seafood products.


Pétur Hafsteinn Pálsson


Pétur Hafsteinn Pálsson and his family have been in the fishing business for a long time. Pétur’s grandfather used his boats to bring resources from Iceland to the British during World War 2, today Pétur does everything he can to honor that legacy. As the general manager of Icelandic fishery Visir, Peter embraces new technologies, navigates new laws, and puts the greater good first when it comes to sustainable fishing. Read more about Peter’s story and family history in fishing here.


Tylar Loewen


sustainable fishing

Tylar Loewen basically grew up on a boat. He watched his father, a captain, brave harsh seas to bring home Alaska pollock. Tylar followed in his father’s path, now the night deck boss on a vessel not unlike his father’s with a goal of becoming captain himself. Following sustainable practices will allow Tylar to fulfill his captain’s dream and provide seafood for many years to come. To discover more about the U.S. Alaska pollock fishery and the families that keep it sustainable, click here.


Valda Jumat


Valda Jumat works off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa for a hake fishery (a term used to describe a large area of the ocean or fishing ground). She has spent the majority of her life working for fisheries and has seen the industry expand and the opportunities grow. By following sustainable practices the hake fishery has ensured that they can offer jobs and resources to the local communities for generations to come. To learn more about how sustainable practices have a positive economic benefit and Valda’s story, visit the MSC website.

Wild Selections has partnered with the MSC for the last 5 years to keep our oceans healthy and thriving – by sourcing 100% of our seafood from well-managed fisheries certified to the MSC Standards. To learn more about our partnership, click here.

To find out more about the people behind sustainable fishing, visit the MSC website.

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