Ten Ways to Go Green in Your Kitchen

green kitchen tips

Ten Ways to Go Green in Your Kitchen

In the spirit of going green, we’ve compiled a list of simple ways to make your kitchen a little more eco-friendly.

Don’t miss our top ten green kitchen tips:

  1. Use Cloth Napkins: Ditch those paper napkins and use the cloth version instead. Not only is this good for the environment, but it will also add a touch of style to your dinner table.
  2. Opt for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Clean your kitchen with products free of toxins, synthetic ingredients, and harmful chemicals.
  3. Make Recycling Simple: Keep a recycling bin just accessible as a trash can, making recycling an easy choice for your family.
  4. Fill Your Pantry with Sustainable Foods: Opt for products with a small amount of packaging, buy bulk grains, and think about shopping local at a farmer’s market for your produce. Also, be sure to looking for the MSC Certified Sustainable logo on your seafood.
  5. Light Up the Room with LEDs: If you haven’t already, swap out your traditional light bulbs with LEDs. They have a longer life and they use less energy.
  6. Keep Your Freezer Full: Many people don’t know that a full freezer runs more efficiently than an empty one – so stay stocked up!
  7. Repair Your Leaky Faucet: Even the littlest leak can be a big water waster over time. If you have a leaky faucet on your kitchen sink, get it fixed.
  8. Wash Smart: Did you know that washing dishes in your dishwasher typically uses less water than washing them by hand? Be sure to fill up your dishwasher completely before running a cycle.
  9. Cook Wisely: If you’re making a small meal, a toaster oven uses a lot less energy than firing up your full-sized oven.
  10. Don’t Let the Cold Air Out: If possible, decide what you’re going to snack on before opening the fridge. Also, ensure that the rubber seal on your refrigerator door is secure.
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