Stop Sucking

Stop Sucking. We use over 500 million straws each day!

Stop Sucking

It’s time to stop sucking.  It’s all fine and good when we were young, really young, but we need to get over it.  Why?  We use over 500 million straws in America, each and EVERY-SINGLE-DAY.  Every day.  Day in and day out.  That’s a lot of straws.

And a lot of them end up in the ocean.  They are left on the beach, blow out of trash cans, or are simply dropped on the streets.  Most straws are not recyclable, either because they are too lightweight or because they just never make it to the recycling sorting machine, falling through the cracks.

And a lot of them end up in the stomachs of wildlife, hurting them and often killing them.

We can all do better than that.

We’ve done it with the plastic rings around soda cans.

We’ve done it with single-use plastic bags.

We can do this too.

If sucking on a straw is humanly impossible to give up, use a compostable paper straw.  But if you want to one up that by bringing your own.

But if you are looking for kudos and gold stars, then bring your own tumbler.  It may feel weird, but you will be surprised how accommodating businesses are and how impressed your family/friends will be.  A small change can make a big difference.  And while the others may continue to suck, you will be way passed them, excelling as usual!

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