Enjoying Nature’s Bounty

Enjoying Nature’s Bounty

For us, Fall is all about enjoying nature’s bounty.

It’s hard to pick favorites when it comes to seasons, but Fall is high on the ranking.  Granted, there are only three other seasons to compete against so the field isn’t that cluttered!

Winter with its snows, bundling around the warmth of stews, food, and family has a lot of magic.

Spring with its bursting of colors, breath of fresh crisp air and the budding of nature offers a lot of hope.

Summer with its bright sun, outdoor barbecues and chance to discover new shores, is a playground for fun.

Fall wraps all the other three seasons into a nice bow.

How can you resist the intoxicating exuberance, while ephemeral, of fall foliage?  We find ourselves in awe, going from one amazing display of color to the next, thinking that the last one was the best and discovering that nature was just getting started.

The nights might be cool, but you can still enjoy them without having to bundle up from head to toe, feeling to the crisp air rolling in, savoring the moment before it gets just too cold to stay outside.  It’s still a great opportunity to go camping with friends, recounting the year’s events, around a campfire and a warm cup of apple cider.

For us, Fall is all about enjoying and witnessing nature’s ability to adapt, surprise, give, and offer hope for more.

What is the part of Fall that you enjoy the most?

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