What Does the Dolphin Safe Label on Wild Selections Mean?

What Does the Dolphin Safe Label on Wild Selections Mean?

Wild Selections is the choice for people who want to make sure the canned tuna they buy is sustainably caught, ensuring that seafood stocks will remain for future demand.

Wild Selections is also dedicated to protecting the lives of dolphins and other marine mammals. Every can proudly carries a Dolphin Safe seal to show compliance with the 1990 Dolphin Protection Consumer Act. Until the 1980s, tuna fishermen used a technique called driftnetting, which involved chasing dolphins and netting them to catch the schools of tuna that swam below. Over the years, driftnetting killed over 7 million dolphins. When the public learned about the fate of the dolphins through video shared by the media, consumer outcry demanded change.

The 1990 Dolphin Protection Consumer Act was the response and this legislation took measures to ensure cans labeled dolphin safe actually were. Tuna companies around the world follow the guidelines and are verified by the Earth Island Institute, a non-profit based in Berkeley, CA. The Earth Island tuna monitoring program sends monitors around the globe to observe operations at tuna canneries, ports, and cold storage facilities, as well as on board fishing and transport vessels. It is one of the largest private food monitoring systems in the world.

Are all of these measure working? Yes, after the banning of driftnets, more than 90% of the world’s tuna companies practice dolphin safe practices. And dolphin deaths in tuna nets have declined by 99%

Complying with the Dolphin Protection Consumer Act, the Trace Your Catch program and making a commitment to sustainable fishing practices are just a few of the ways Wild Selections delivers seafood choices that you can feel good about.

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