From Jobs to Sustenance, Bristol Bay Locals Rely on Sustainable Salmon

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From Jobs to Sustenance, Bristol Bay Locals Rely on Sustainable Salmon

The successful sustainable salmon story in Bristol Bay, Alaska has a nationwide impact. Nearly 40% of wild-caught seafood is sourced from this beautiful bay. But, the local impact the sustainable seafood industry has in Bristol Bay is also a story worth telling.

Sustainable salmon play a major role in the lives of locals, from jobs to subsidence. Approximately 10,000 Bristol Bay residents are employed by the industry. Sockeye salmon also plays an important role in feeding Bristol Bay residents, including the native Yup’ik and Dena’ina, who rely on it largely as a source of protein.

The astounding yearly salmon run, which averages around 40 million, also does a big part in supporting the local ecosystem. The amount of marine nutrients returned to the water from the salmon help feed marine animals, bears, and birds. These nutrients also help fortify plans, which feed animals big and small. This thriving flora and fauna is evident in the beauty of Bristol Bay’s landscape.

As much as the local community reaps the benefits of Bristol Bay’s salmon success, they’re also involved in the struggles. Pebble mining remains a lingering threat in the region. With 82% of its residents opposing the mine, they’ve been active in making their voices heard.

There’s no doubt that this thriving and pristine resource is important to the people, landscape, and wildlife that surround the bay.

Wild Selections is committed to the preservation of the sustainable salmon population in Bristol Bay, Alaska and those who rely on it. 13 cents from every can purchased goes directly to WWF project work, including that being done in Bristol Bay.

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