Taking Stock

Share a smile, do something kind!

Taking Stock

With Halloween already a distant memory (sigh!) and the holidays starting to roll in, this is a good time to start taking stock.  It’s hard to believe that 2017 is quickly coming to a close!

A lot has happened in a year….

  • Geopolitical changes in countries near and far have already had an impact around the world
  • Climate disasters left their mark here in the US with a fury with hurricane Harvey and Maria causing extensive damage
  • Cybersecurity took center stage with various breaches of personal information
  • Technology continues to play a larger role in our lives.  Artificial Intelligence seems to be everywhere.  Self-driving trucks are on the cusp of becoming reality (are autonomous cars already a thing of the past????).  And let’s not forget the iPhone X….

But what has struck us more deeply is the beautiful show of amazing humanity.

We have a lot to thank for as the year closes.  From neighbors helping neighbors in the floods that devastated Houston and Puerto Rico to firefighters from every corner of the US coming to help tame the wildfires in California.  From strangers helping strangers after horrific massacres to people rescuing animals after the hurricanes.

There is no shortage of amazing human acts of kindness.

It is easy to lose sight of these, but it is those very acts that truly are grander than what Mother Nature can unleash.

So on this day, World Kindness Day, let’s pay it forward and share a smile, a compliment, because even something as mundane as this can make a huge difference in the person receiving it.

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