Save Our Oceans

Save Our Oceans

With summer season gone, it is easy to forget the ocean – the beautiful deep blue sea where some of us splashed in the water, got tanned, or even built sandcastles (with, or without, kids – nothing wrong with being a kid at heart!) – let alone to save our oceans.

There is more to the ocean than this one season.

We use the ocean for many things:

  • For our own enjoyment by sailing, swimming, windsurfing, scuba diving and many other water sports
  • For our lives by buying goods from other countries that ship their products to our stores
  • For food by eating MSC-certified seafood
  • For life by breathing fresh air that millions of plankton generated from carbon dioxide

Often, we forget how valuable the ocean is.  We forget because it is so vast, immense, and plentiful that we take it for granted.  In doing so, we assume that whatever we are doing doesn’t really have an impact on it.

We have an impact on the ocean.

And even more so now than ever before.

Now imagine a day where there is no seafood in the ocean.  An ocean so toxic we wouldn’t, couldn’t swim in the ocean….This horrible future is not yet upon us, but we certainly are rushing towards it…unless we do something about it.

We can do something.

We must do something to help our oceans.  For if we don’t, who will?

From using fewer straws, less packaging (and recycling the packaging you do use), participating in an ocean clean-up day, to raising your voice to have a positive impact on our oceans with your elected representatives, we can help.  Together we can make a difference!

  • Deb Semrau
    Posted at 20:40h, 27 September Reply

    Sad that we are ultimately killing our planet. We need to stop polluting our oceans, rivers and streams. We should have more recycling laws.

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