Memorable Mother’s Day Weekend Ideas

Cooking together for Mother's Day

Memorable Mother’s Day Weekend Ideas

Mother.  One word that conjures so much emotion.  One person who has had an indelible impact on our lives.  So let’s plan something special for her this weekend!  And since we are passionate about Mother Earth and its incredible natural bounty, we may as well add a little nod to her too!

We have nothing against the traditional Mother’s Day brunch, but think that we can top that with something more special that really has an impact:

Cook a meal with your mother – You know what she likes so why not make it together in your kitchen (or hers)?  It’s a great way to connect, talk, catch up, and make something she will enjoy much longer than just the meal itself.

Make her yard memorable – Go shopping together at the local nursery for plants, shrubs (or even a small fruit tree) and plant it together somewhere she can see it grow for years to come.  It’s a simple gift but an experience that will keep on giving!

Volunteer together for a common cause – Chances are there are some things you are both passionate about so why not take a few hours to volunteer to make an impact together?  Build homes for those less fortunate, repair/refurbish a local trail you have hiked, clean up the local park where you used to hang out as a child, feed the homeless or seniors in her town.  The possibilities are endless and you’ll both feel good about it – together!


Can’t make it to be with her on Mother’s Day?  Here are some gift ideas that she will appreciate more than just a store-bought card:

Sign her up for a CSA box Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for local farms to sell their produce directly to consumers without going through middlemen.  She gets fresh vegetables and/or fruit and you help her local community (and the environment) – it’s a win-win!

Send her flowers – seeds – Rather than send a big bouquet, send a few seed packets of herbs like basil or cilantro that she can easily grow on a window sill and use in her cooking (while thinking of you)!  You can also send bulbs that she can plant in her garden to add color each year!

Make a custom card – With a few simple tools from your local craft shop (or Michael’s, Target, Walmart or Amazon), you can create a very special card that doesn’t break the bank but that will be priceless when received!


Got other ideas you want to share?  Please do and we will add them to this blog!

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