Make Father’s Day Interesting Again

Father's Day picture of son and father playing at the beach

Make Father’s Day Interesting Again

It’s always fun to take him to a ball game for Father’s Day or just buy him a tie, but will he really enjoy it?  Can we can take our Father’s Day game to another level?  Here are a few thoughts that might help or give you ideas for something even better!

  • Go for a hike or bike ride – Take him out of the house and have fun outside just you and him. Prepare a little picnic and make a day out of it.  It will be fun and memorable!
  • Take him to do his favorite thing – Often, we try to get him something when it seems he already has everything. Maybe make a day out of doing exactly what HE loves to do.  Has he got a knack for fixing old cars?  Join him!  Become his assistant and make him feel special.  He prefers golf, but you don’t golf?  No problem!  You ride the cart and he swings (bring snacks to make it fun and healthy).
  • Have him discover something new – Take him to see a play. Check out a new exhibit at the local museum (try to line up a curator’s talk with the visit so you both learn from an expert!).  Take a class together to paint (there are quite a few evening classes that allow you to paint and sip some wine!).


Can’t be there for Father’s Day?  No problem!  Here are a few gift ideas that can still make his day special:

  • Get him a good book – Summer is coming and a lot of new tomes come out to take advantage of summer reading season. Make it extra special by reading the same book and chatting with him afterwards!  Check out Goodread for the latest releases, suggestions and reviews!
  • Sign him up for a wine club – It can be pricey but you don’t have to do it for an entire year. Some subscriptions are available for three or six months only.  Another take on this is Winc.  We have had our eyes on them for a while and like the idea.  They are like the Blue Apron of wine subscription.
  • Register him for a cooking class – hear us out on this one! Dads can cook, some very well indeed!  There are good online classes (like Craftsy or Rouxbe) or you might be able to set up something special with his favorite local restaurant chef.  Just think how he will feel about making his own dish!  If cooking is not his thing, give him the gift of an expert from a local mechanic or golf professional at the local club.

No matter, he will be happy with anything you come up with because he will love the attention!

Hope you and your father have an amazing Father’s Day!

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