Let Us Give Thanks

Let Us Give Thanks

Let us give thanks this week.  No matter where we live in America this week, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, there is a good chance you will sit down for a meal around good food to share a memorable experience of being together with friends or family.

This communal experience is worth so much.  It is a chance to catch up with family or friends we have not seen in a long while.  Even a chance to meet new people who bring a new point of view or experience to the holiday.  Or simply cooking a traditional meal together.  Beyond these, we should also be thankful for the bounty that we get to share this holiday.

From the farmers who raised turkeys to the ones who cultivated the fields of butternut squash and Brussel sprouts.  From the airplane pilots and crew to the train track technicians and conductors.  From the grocery manager to the shelving clerk.  There are a lot more people who have worked very hard this year to make this Thanksgiving possible.

As we celebrate one of America’s most traditional holiday, let us remember and be thankful for all the people and the things that have come together to make it possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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