Kids and the Future of Marine Conservation

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Kids and the Future of Marine Conservation

With school back in session, kids of all ages are sitting in classrooms catching up on subjects like math and history. What we sometimes forget is that it’s equally important for kids to learn how to take care of the planet they live on. Kids are our future and it is vital they know and understand the importance of marine conservation.  

The ocean is the largest ecosystem in the world and our livelihood depends on a healthy ocean. Here are a few ways you and your child can help preserve our oceans. 

Educate yourself 

The first step is understanding the importance of ocean conservation.   Unsustainable fishing practices are a threat to marine life and habitats, causes excess carbon pollution, eliminates fishing jobs and causes food scarcity. It’s our responsibility to help strengthen our oceans and prevent any further damages to our oceans.  A great place to start is taking kids to a local aquarium which often have fun and interactive exhibits for kids to learn about ocean life and conservancy work. 

Choose Sustainable 

The next time you stock up on ingredients, be sure to keep an eye out for sustainable seafood at your local grocery store. Sustainable options are available at most grocers. Look for the Blue Fish that signifies MSC sustainably certified seafood on packaging and menus. Make yummy snacks, cook delicious seafood, and enjoy meals out all while taking care of your ocean.   

Support Conservation Organizations 

There are many organizations standing behind ocean conservation, World Wildlife Fund being one of them.  WWF is taking steps to not only encourage sustainable fishing, but is creating long-term solutions with the fishing industry and protecting ecosystems around the world. For a more hands-on contribution, find a local organization for you and your child to join and get involved with their projects.   

Take time to learn more about the impact we have on our oceans at WWF’s  website. Kids are the key to keeping our oceans healthy and strong and teaching them will benefit our oceans for future generations to come.   

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