How Lucky We Are

How Lucky We Are

With the holiday in full swing, it is easy to lose sight of how lucky we are.

The holidays are stressful.  It is a focal point for so many of us.

All the planning for school events, work events, family evens…

All the meal planning, baking, cooking, serving….

All the entertaining of family, friends, colleagues, classmates, teachers…


In the middle of it all, it is easy to lose sight of how lucky we are, but….


We have a roof over our heads, with heat to keep us warm.  But there are fellow Puerto Ricans who don’t even have that.

We have loving families and friends that support us and bring a smile whenever we need it.  But there are fellow Americans in Houston who have lost more than just their houses in the hurricanes.

We have food to eat each and every day and night to nurture our bodies.  Yet there are still too many people in our neighborhoods going hungry (42 million).


We are lucky.


While the holidays may be stressful, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Please consider paying it forward this holiday season by giving food to your local food bank, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or donating to the Red Cross to help those in need, both near and far, so that someone else can enjoy a little luck of their own.

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