Giving Tuesday: Help Create A More Sustainable Ocean with WWF and Wild Selections®

Giving Tuesday: Help Create A More Sustainable Ocean with WWF and Wild Selections®

Giving to a cause close to your heart is the perfect way to start the holiday season. Whether a direct donation or a consequence of your actions, each of us can make a difference. When you purchase Wild Selections® seafood, 13 cents of that purchase directly benefits World Wildlife Fund (WWF) marine conservation efforts. One of  WWF’s goals is to maintain the long-term health and biodiversity of the world’s oceans, a cause Wild Selections® bases our entire business around. More specifically, these 13 cents will go towards expanding sustainable fishing practices and marine conservation. By improving the conditions of our oceans, WWF aims to preserve the valuable resources and life our oceans house.

Wild Selections has already helped fund marine conservation projects in Alaska, Vietnam, and Thailand. In Vietnam, WWF has been able to establish the Vietnam Tuna Advisory Council to improve issues surrounding statistical research, implement harvest strategy, and reduce bycatch. Your 13 cents donation directly contributes toward implementing WWF’s marine conservation efforts, which include strategic actions to sustain the Yellowfin tuna fish stock.

In Alaska, a large scale gold and copper mine located among critical spawning habitats endangers multiple Salmon species. In order to work towards improving these conditions, WWF has been using your donations to fund critical baseline stream and river data research, including salmon distribution and ecological conditions. The wild-caught salmon in our Wild Selections® Alaskan Salmon pouch products comes from this area of Alaska. So, what’s next? WWF will support salmon sub-population research and implement education programs. WWF is participating in outreach activities around Pebble Mine, Alaska to further help sustain the salmon population.

The Blue Swimming Crab suffers from overexploitation in Thailand and a lack of sustainable management. WWF has raised awareness of this issue with vital stakeholders to take action. Surveys and review of stock status have been conducted to support conservation efforts. WWF continues to study and assess the species and hopes to meet the Marine Stewardship standard by 2021.

Help us work towards improving our marine life all over the world. Next time you go grocery shopping, your purchases can make a difference. By purchasing Wild Selections® you activate a 13 cents donation to World Wildlife Fund, with a guaranteed minimum contribution of  $1 million to be donated by December 31st.  You can find where Wild Selections® products are sold here or purchase online and contribute to a sustainable future for our oceans.

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