Food is Life

Food is Life

We have fallen into a crevice when it comes to food.

Lately, we have come to intensely pursue superfoods that will miraculously solve whatever our woes might be.  We started obsessing over how much a food brought in terms of its building components – protein, omegas, magnesium, etc.  Somehow this superfood is even more super than the last superfood.

With such an intense micro focus, we lose sight of what food brings with it.  It brings families and friends, jovial and impassioned discussions, and an appreciation for where it came from.


Food is the ultimate social experience.


Shopping for food at a farmers market gives us an opportunity to discover new vegetables (or fruits), how to cook them, how to bring out their flavor and texture, but also how it is grown, and who cultivated it.

Preparing food together allows for sharing recipe tricks and shortcuts, but also for time together to talk about our lives, our worries, our joys, our wants, our dreams.

The final dish becomes a common accomplishment, a sharing of the best of each person, a culmination of an experience that is priceless and will last forever.


Food is life.


Make this coming Labor Day weekend festivities an experience to remember.  Bring along good food, great family and friends, and amazing discussion.

And if you have any food to spare after all the wonderful experiences you have had, share it.  Share it with someone who will appreciate its worth.  Share it with someone who will see it as a super food with the power to change their day, their perspective, their life.

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