Easy Ways To Make A Difference on Earth Day

Make A Difference

Easy Ways To Make A Difference on Earth Day

As Earth Day looms near, it is a chance to take stock in the environment we all share.  While there are many big issues such as climate change that are much bigger than anyone can tackle on their own, there are things each and everyone of us can do to make a difference.  And it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

Volunteering opportunities abound this time of the year.  From beach and river cleanups to forest trail refurbishment, park cleanup to neighborhood block trash pick-ups, it is easy to find something to do that makes a big difference locally and globally.

Every year, more than 9 billion tons of trash is dumped in our oceans, hurting wild life and polluting the water.  22 billion plastic bottles are thrown out each year, many of which end up in beaches.  We could make 300 loops around the equator with the amount of paper and plastic cups, forks and spoons thrown away each year.  These statistics, and many more, are alarming but we can do something about it.

We put together a list of great organizations that regularly hold cleanups throughout our country.  Check them out, take a couple hours on Earth Day (April 22nd) to join a beach or park cleanup near your home:

  • American Rivers: This organization helps bring people together to care for the wellbeing of rivers big and small in this great land. Check out their volunteering opportunities here.
  • Keep America Beautiful: This organization is all about local cleanups. They have a fantastic initiative called “Clean Your Block” to help anyone join or organize a cleanup in their local neighborhood.  It’s a great way to make a difference right at home and enjoy the camaraderie of your neighbors!
  • National Park Services: If you are lucky enough to live near a national park, try joining an event to care for these amazing places and ensure they exist for generations to come.

There are many more organizations, many of them right in your neighborhood, that offer volunteering opportunities to make a difference for our environment.

Share with us which one you picked and joined this Earth Day!

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