Bristol Bay’s Importance to Sustainable Salmon Fishing

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Bristol Bay’s Importance to Sustainable Salmon Fishing

With the annual Salmon Run, July is a major month for seafood. In Alaska’s Bristol Bay alone, the 2018 projection for sockeye salmon is over 51 million. That sure is a lot of fish but Bristol Bay has not always been so fortunate. A natural ground for salmon, this Alaskan bay is home to the largest known salmon population in the world. The plentiful amount of salmon drew fisherman from near and far, and quickly the resources of Bristol Bay were fleeting. Thanks to sustainable fishing regulations that were implemented, the salmon stock has once again risen to a healthy population.

The salmon help to ensure a balance in Bristol Bay’s ecosystem, both for animals and the local Alaskan population. It is crucial that we protect the oceans and the resources they provide so future generations have the same opportunity to rely on our oceans for food and livelihood. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) offers a means of preserving the oceans’ resources through sustainable fishing.

MSC defines sustainable fishing not only as leaving the appropriate amount of fish in the sea to reproduce indefinitely, but also reducing the environmental impact of fishing and lessening harm to marine life. In order for a fishery, like the salmon in Bristol Bay, to be granted MSC certification it must meet stringent criteria known as the MSC Standard. This is the world’s most recognized, science-based certification program for sustainable seafood.

The salmon fishery of Bristol Bay meets the MSC standard and has been MSC certified since 2000, making it one of the oldest certified fisheries since MSC was founded 20 years ago. Bristol Bay has a long history of effective management to ensure sustainability and thorough research of its fisheries. When you purchase wild caught salmon from Wild Selections you are contributing to the dedicated sustainable efforts of our brand and partners.

Wild Selections has been a proud participant in the MSC program since 2013, offering certified sustainable salmon, albacore, and sardines.

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