Be Summer Ready!

Be summer ready!

Be Summer Ready!

Are you ready for summer????

For many of us, winter is way too long – it was still snowing in the Denver area mid-May (!) – so when summer finally gets here, it is time to get out and stay out!

Who doesn’t like the warm temperatures, the long days, the plethora of summer fruit, and a little vacation (or staycation)?

But with all these amazing things comes the Sun.  Summer wouldn’t be summer without it, but we sometimes overdo it, unintentionally of course!  So a little preparedness will go a long way to prevent the dreaded sunburns, overheat exhaustion, headaches, and other skin damages.

Here is a quick guide to get you ready for the summer:

  • Get the right sunblock: You may already have some in the house but how clean is it? While we are not ingesting sunscreen, we are still lathering ourselves with it and breathing it in.  Look for clean sunblocks that have as few bad chemicals as possible but still keep you safe outside.  By the way, even if it is cloudy outside, the Sun’s dangerous rays are still getting through so wear sunscreen every day during the summer.
  • Wear a hat: We are somewhat partial to the squid hat, but it maybe we should go for the jelly fish hat. While a baseball cap works fine, try to find something that has a rim all around to protect your face and your neck.
  • Be cool with sunglasses: Being fashionable outside doesn’t mean you need to skimp out on protecting your eyes. Here is a good roundup of what to look for in your summer shades to keep your eyes….amazing!
  • Comfy clothing for the heat: It matters what you wear during the summer. Clothing too warm and you want to shed them off.  Too cold and you will want to cover up.  Look for breathable fabric that wicks moisture and allows to feel comfortable wherever you are this summer!


Hope you have an amazing summer!

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