One in Five Seafood Products is Mislabeled

Mislabeled Seafood

One in Five Seafood Products is Mislabeled

If you’re someone who cares about what food you put into your body and where it comes from, you likely rely on labels to make informed purchasing decisions. But a report advocacy group, Oceana, states that an astounding one in five seafood products from around the world is mislabeled.

Researchers combed through 200 studies from 55 countries and discovered the mislabeled seafood problem is evident throughout the entire process: from packing and packaging, to import and export, to retail, wholesale, and distribution.

This is a huge issue for both consumers and retailers. Consumers want the peace of mind that they are buying the quality product they seek. Retailers want their customers to be able to trust the products they carry without reservation. Having to recall a product can have enormous financial repercussions and can cause a severe drop in consumer goodwill.

The key to truth in labeling is accountability and transparency along the entire supply chain, otherwise known as whole chain traceability. Identifying suppliers increases traceability and helps retailers pinpoint the source of any issues.

Wild Selections® is committed to transparency. Each can carries the blue Marine Stewardship Council seal, the world’s leading certification program for wild-caught sustainable seafood. The MSC’s third-party certification process for fisheries is rigorous, transparent, and based in science. Consumers can also trace exactly where their seafood came from using the can code on the bottom of any Wild Selections® product.

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