Four Ways You’re Showing Love by Choosing Sustainable Seafood

certified sustainable seafood

Four Ways You’re Showing Love by Choosing Sustainable Seafood


Cooking a healthy meal is a great way to show your loved ones that you care. Being a good source of protein and important vitamins and minerals, seafood makes a great start to those meals. But by choosing certified sustainable seafood, you’re spreading that love even further.

Find out how:

  1. Love for the Ocean

Choosing seafood that is certified to Marine Stewardship Council standards ensures you’re treating the ocean with love. This means no by-catch of endangered species, no marine habitat destruction, and a reduced carbon footprint.  Opting for certified sustainable is showing respect for our beautiful oceans.

  1. Love for Future Generations

Sustainable fishing practices will not only ensure future generations can continue to enjoy their favorite seafood, but also helps ensure they’ll be able to enjoy healthy oceans. So the next time you take a swim, consider why it’s important to you to leave this beautiful habitat clean and thriving for generations to come.

  1. Love for Local Fishing Communities

There are communities all over the globe that rely on fishing to feed their families and support themselves financially. Overfishing can lead to depleted stocks, and hurt the livelihoods of these communities. According to the MSC, one in ten people rely on fishing for their livelihood. Choosing sustainable not only protects the ocean, to affects the people that depend on this precious resource.

About 10% of the word’s current wild caught fish is MSC certified. Let’s keep spreading the love.

  1. Love for Yourself

It’s important to love “you” and take care of yourself. Without it, it will be hard to take care of others. A balanced meal, rich in nutritious vitamins and protein has immeasurable benefits to care for your body and soul. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times a week. Making healthy chances can even boost your mood and confidence. Nourish your body and show yourself some love.

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